Model Stories

Sometimes modeling gets hard. 
I did not have any qualms about modeling nude for my first nude assignment but I thought about should I be erect or not. If so, How much erect. I thought about the fact that I did not want to be too soft but I also did not want to be at total attention, just a little stiff. Can you imagine trying to be between soft and totally hard. It was like driving on the highway with a broke speed odometer, trying to stay between 60 and 70 mph. I was constantly thinking about sex but if I thought too much, I tried to dial in down some. If I felt myself getting to soft, I started thinking about sex more. Then suddenly, I got totally erect! I eventually calmed down after a minute or so. During the break, the instructor said, “boy you really got a hard on there!” I said, “Yeah I wanted to give the class a different point of view.”

Nowadays, I don’t worry about keeping it up. I just let it hang. 

Am I suppose to be nude!
Sometimes the artist or instructor will let you know what the pose is going to be and whether you will be clothed or nude. On one assignment, I was not told nor did I ask. Having modeled so much, I just assumed it was nude. When I got to the assignment, I went to bathroom, got undressed, and put my robe on. When I got in the studio, there were four artists in there, one of which was an older woman. Then I thought, I better ask if I am suppose to be nude because I would hate for the instructor to say let’s get started and I de-robe and everything is just hanging. I could see the older woman just screaming and saying, what are you doing naked! c. anderson

No photos please
When I first started modeling, especially nude, I didn’t mind artists taking photos of me so they can work on their artwork at home. Now I say no pictures please because I do not want my photos showing up on the internet or under someone’s mattress for that matter.

Either that’s a mop or a very large paint brush.
One art gallery where I model has studios inside. When I model, for some reason, they always leave the door open. On one occasion while modeling nude, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large wooden handle going back and forth. I started thinking, what kind of brush is that artist using! Finally I had to cut my eyes over to see and low and behold it was the lady janitor mopping the floor right outside the door while staring at me! GS 

Marlboro man.
In the year 2009, I was asked to pose wearing a white t-shirt, leather jacket and blue jeans with a cigarette in my hand. Weeks before the assignment, I thought all the way back to the early 80s. My Dad worked for Marlboro. He also smoked Marlboros.  My brother is a photographer. I was a fashion model at the time so my brother got us together to shoot Marlboro cigarette shots for an advertisement for Marlboro. Dad had on a leather jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans. In one photo, my Dad was lighting a Marlboro. In another shot, we both were holding the pack of cigarettes.

During the modeling assignment, the instructor asked me if I brought a cigarette. I said no, so he pulled out one. You probably already know that it was a Marlboro! I miss you Dad.

A little off the top please.
I learned my lesson regarding getting haircuts in between sessions. In between the first and second session, I got a haircut. Nothing out of the ordinary other than the haircut made me almost bald. When I went back for the second session, some of the artists had comments like, what happen to your hair! I thought to myself, why does it matter anyway because you never paint my hair right anyway when I do have hair.

A Day in the Life of a Model

Have you ever thought about becoming an Art Model? Can you be still for 20 to 25 minutes at a time? What about an hour? Would you feel self-conscious if 15 artists made you the center of attention? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide to become an Art Model. 

For starters, don't expect to quit your day job. Very few models make Art Modeling full time. One reason is that most models are used no more than three or four hours at a time so the pay compensation will not be enough for most people. Having a flexible job schedule is a must for Art Models also because you might need to be available three or four Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. consecutively.

So let's have Reginald take us through his day of Art Modeling.Reginald what do you do to prepare to model? 
I have an Art Modeling List that I created to make sure I pack everything I need for the Art Modeling assignment. I pack a robe, slippers, timer, business cards, and bed sheet, along with a few other personal items. On some assignments, the artist or instructor have a pose, character or attire in mind so I make sure I bring the items that I need for that particular assignment. I have a journal that I keep to log in pertinent information for each assignment that I do.  

I once posed as a boxer so to prepare, I did a lot of upper body exercises weeks prior to the assignment. Fortunately, I did not need facial bruises and cuts for the assignment! I also stretch daily to maintain my flexibility.

On the day of the assignment, I make sure that I arrive early. I feel that it is imperative to arrive well before time so that I do not feel rushed. I need to be calm when I model. Arriving early also puts the artist and instructor at ease.

Reginald if you would, walk us through an Art Modeling assignment.
I will use an assignment to model for a class as an example. I like to go off to a room by myself to stretch and do push-ups as well as prepare mentally for the assignment. After introductions, the instructor asks me to either stand or sit on a platform or mini stage in the middle of the class while the students are either in a circle or semi-circle around me. The instructor and I go over poses commensurate with what the class will be sketching, painting or sculpting. Once the pose is selected, the instructor uses masking tape to "tape me down" which is to place tape to mark my position. For instance, tape will be placed on the stage by my feet or if I am leaning on something, tape will be placed where I am leaning. This will help me get back in my pose position after a break.

After I am taped down, either I or the instructor sets the timer. If there is a clock in my eye sight, I ask for it to be covered. I do not want to watch a minute hand go around 20 or 25 times! When I start the pose, I fix my eyes on something that I can look at for the duration. I also consider the position of my eyes, making sure my eyes are open wide enough for the artists to see them. The instructor also puts on some music. Most of the time it is either classical or jazz. I like classical music during my posing because being that I do not listen to classical much at all, I can focus on the unfamiliarity of the music and on the instruments and not think about the time slowly going by.

I sit or stand in that pose for the agreed upon amount of time, anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes. Once, I posed for one hour! The amount of time I pose is also based on the degree of difficulty of the pose. During one assignment, the pose was my most grueling ever. I started off posing for about 15 minutes and as the three hour session went on, the pose time dwindled down to one minute! It was very grueling but also one of my most rewarding assignments.

While posing, my mind runs the gamut on things to think about. Generally, I always think about the things I have accomplished for that week or either that month. If I am posing nude, one thing I do not want to think about is sex! But then again, it is hard (no pun intended) not to think about it. I just do not want to think about it so much so that I get visually aroused. I have not run across it yet, but I do know that in some classes, particularly in Europe, getting visually aroused during posing is frowned upon and can be grounds for dismissal. By the way, I do sometimes pose nude but never naked!

Now comes the pain! Invariably, regardless of what pose I am in, something is bound to start hurting. Hopefully it will not be too painful. But when the pain does come, my mind starts to go to that painful spot. I wish I could say my mind goes there to dissipate the pain but that is not the case. After thinking about the pain, the next thing that always comes up is how much time is left in the pose. Next, I try to get back to thinking about something else besides the pain and the time. I think this is when I start thinking about sex - but not so much.

When the timer goes off, I ask the class and the instructor are they ready for a break. I would hate to come out of a pose when an artist is not quite ready for me to break.

During the five minutes or so break, I put on my robe and slippers. Then I stretch and massage my muscles. I also walk around to view the work of the artists. Sometimes I am able to get to know the artists by name. On several occasions, I have remembered up to 18 artists' names and their location in the classroom so when I go back for subsequent sessions, I know exactly the order of the artists.

After the break, I get back in position according to the tape and everything starts all over again. That's a Day in the Life of Art Modeling!

I get questions and comments all the time regarding Art Modeling so if you have any, please feel free to contact me at: Artists, instructors and other Art Models are welcome to share some of their experiences for future posting on the ever popular Model Stories page..